Friday, April 01, 2011

Making More With Less...

No matter what your crafty calling is you know that you have little bits of this and that laying around. These were treasures used in other pieces, vintage pieces picked up at the thrift shop and a jar full of mismatched buttons or beads. They sit around waiting for another chance while we continue to acquire new bits of this and that.

This year I have pledged to myself to use as many of the extras, one-offs, and interesting goodies I have picked up over the years. Making more while spending less money on new supplies. Who's with me here?

This necklace is made up of some left over chain, a few frosted glass beads and a Strawberry Quartz focal that I have had for years. I think the color of beads compliment the color of the focal.

Feel free to post links to any of your pieces that incorporates left over supplies!

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