Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shop Local

Over the past several years I have made more of an effort to shop local. I love supporting local farmers, crafters, artists, and businesses in general.

This past weekend inspired me even more to work harder at promoting and supporting my local community. I have lived in Clayton, NC only a few years, but even in this short amount of time I have noticed it's growth and the desire of it's residents to make Clayton a town that focuses on it's local business owners and that supports the arts.

So, what can you do in your community to "shop local"?

Visit your downtown or Main Street. You are likely to find some great restaurant, coffee or tea shop, yoga studio or gift shop. Try someplace new!

Need fresh produce? Visit your local farmers market. This supports your local farmers.

Looking for the perfect gift? Take a stroll through your local gift shop or visit that local craft show you keep seeing signs for. Your local artists are always wanting to connect with their community.

What will you do this week to shop local?

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