Tuesday, July 11, 2006

4 Days Left of Hoiday Poll!

Just a reminder that there a re only 4 days left to take the holiday shopping poll on my website and to enter to win a really sweet lip gloss palette. To take the poll visit Below14thDesigns.com
and go to the "contest" page.

Since, we are on the subjest of holiday shopping I have a few questons for you all....

1) Once you have started your holiday shopping what types of sales motivate you to take the plunge and make the purchase?

I am a big fan of % off sales, but sometimes they arent as good a deal as they seem at first.

2) What types of sales turn you off?
For me it would have to be those BOGO at at %off sales. I am just not into those at all. However, BOGO free will always catch my attention.

3) Do you prefer online shopping or being out in the stores?
The past few years I have done the majority of my holiday shopping online and now that I have discovered Etsy I will probably do it all online.

Anyway, just some things to ponder.


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