Friday, June 02, 2006

What's To Come....

Well tomorrow I will be doing my second show and I cannot tell you how very prepared and together I feel this time around. Thanks to some fabulous Etsy-ers I have polished and tied together my "look". I had some really cool earring cards designed by and some really great labels designed by If you need some really amazing design work done I highly recommend both of these Etsy-ers.

I picked up some really great beads today. Now I am just waiting on some wire and I can get started on the next group of designs that have been running amok in my head. Here's a little hint of whats to come: I have some great dark Carnelian beads, Onyx, and some really funky shells.

After my show tomorrow I am hoping to re-invest some of the profits in some supplies. Feel free to email me with suggestions on colors and/or gemstone beads, etc.

I'll be sure to post some pictures eitehr tomorrow evening or Sunday.

Wish me luck!!

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